11 Awesome Activities for Couples in Winter

Thought of taking a winter holiday with your partner but holding back because neither of you know how to ski or snowboard? It’s ok! There’s so much more to do and experience on a fun-in-the-snow vacation other than skiing or snowboarding. Here are our favourite activities for couples in winter which don’t involve skiing.

1. Ice Skating

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Great For: Couples who don’t know how to ski.
It’s not quite as difficult as skiing and much easier to pick up. All you have to do is lean forward a little and glide. Plus this is one outdoorsy winter activity where you can easily hold hands and get cosy as you navigate your way around the skating rink.
2. Dash through the snow in a reindeer sleigh
Great For: Couples who want to try something different.
What could be a more magical winter experience than riding in a reindeer-drawn sleigh? Many Scandinavian countries, especially Finland, offer reindeer sleigh rides which can be as short as 10 minutes to up to a few hours. Here’s your chance to hop on a reindeer sleigh and ride them like Santa!
3. Enjoy a cheesy Swiss fondue
Great For: Couples who love experimenting with local cuisine.
If you’re in Switzerland in winter, the best way to warm your belly is with a hot cheesy fondue. It’s also a Swiss national dish, so when in Switzerland, dine as the Swiss do!
4. Taste some Ice Wine
Great For: Couples who love wino.
Icewine isn’t wine with ice thrown in, but wine made from frozen grapes! It’s made from grapes that have been left on the vine until a sustained temperature of -8C or lower is reached before they are harvested. This luscious, intensely flavoured dessert wine is a perfectly balanced wine which boasts rich aromas of ripe tropical fruits. 
5. Try the longest sledge run in Europe
Great For: Couples who are adrenaline junkies.
Marvel at the panoramic winter views as you race down the Faulhorn Mountain in Switzerland on the Big Pintentfritz, a 15 km sledge run, to the base at Grindelwald. The only catch is you have to pull your own sledge and it’s a 2.5 hour walk up to the summit of Faulhorn, but it’s extremely beautiful and offers amazing views of the Swiss Alps. 
6. Take a train ride on the Flåm Railway in Norway
Great For: Couples who love all things vintage.
The scenic Flåm Railway is an attraction in itself for travellers to Norway and has been named as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. It’s not difficult to see why, being one of the steepest railway lines in the world, it takes you past magnificent waterfalls, winding in and out of snow-capped majestic mountains and ending in the fjords of Norway.
7. Trek in the snow with snowshoes
Great For: Couples who love long walks.
If you love snow and leisurely strolls through snowy forests tracks and beautiful hillsides blanketed in soft white powder, then snowshoeing is the way to go. 
8. Go on a sled dog safari
Great For: Couples who love the great outdoors.
Explore the Scandinavian Laplands and magical wintry wilderness on a sled dog safari. Gushing through the beautiful winter landscapes of the Scandinavian Laplands on a sled drawn by exotic Siberian Huskies is an experience of a lifetime.
9. Get a bird’s eye view on a hot air balloon
Great For: Couples who love scenic travel.
From Paris to Switzerland, there are a number of services offering hot air balloon rides in winter which makes it the perfect way to view the City of Love  or the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps from up above. 
10. Explore majestic medieval castles
Great For: Couples who love history.
Don’t you think that medieval castles appear to be more enchanting in winter than any other season? The dusting of snow and frost on the towers and surrounding grounds seem to add an air of mystery and magic to these stunning medieval buildings.  
11. Spend a night in a REAL igloo
Great For: Couples who are adventurous.
Experience what it’s like to live in sub-zero conditions by spending a night in an igloo. Iglu-Dorf is an igloo hotel which offers you a once in a lifetime chance to spend a night in a dome made out of snow set against the natural backdrop of the Swiss Alps. It’s the perfect way to cuddle up with your partner where the only source of heat for the night you will get is each other’s body heat.
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